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The Farnes Islands are located a few miles from the headland near the small village Seahouses in Northumberland. Other interesting and famous places nearby are Bamburgh Castle, the ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle and the Holy Island with Lindisfarne Castle.

The Farne Islands are possibly the most exciting seabird colony in England with unrivalled views of 23 species, including around 37,000 pairs of puffin with their funny clownlike faces. Puffins on a wall at the Farne Islands

The boats were really crowded with people, mostly photographers. Many of them "armed" with huge lenses and dressed with camouflage clothing.  You can book different trips with  Billy Shiels Boat trips.( http://www.farne-islands.com/) or other cruise companies. We decided for the "All day bird watch", visiting first Staple Island and then Inner Farne Island. It lasts approximately 6 hours and it is recommended you take a packed lunch as there are no facilities on the Islands. Also recommended is to bring some rain clothes, because heavy rainshowers are not unusual at the North Sea.

The islands are administered by the National Trust. Trust members have free access. Non members pay entree fee up to GBP 7,40.
Once on
the islands, you really get the birds very close. You can see Puffins, terns, shags, elder ducks, razor bills, guillemots and many more.

We recommend  a  lens with a focal lenght of minimum  200mm for really good pictures.

Breeding shag on Staples Island


We wish you a lot of fun, if you ever plan to go to the Farne Islands.


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